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In Brisbane

keriann zipperer clinical nutritionist

Meet Keriann
Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Nutrition)

I'm a Root Cause Specialist and Chronic Illness Nutritionist focused on helping frustrated women heal "mystery" chronic gut and hormone symptoms.


I spent over half of my life bouncing from doctor to doctor desperately seeking relief from chronic acne, anxiety, fertility issues, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and more before ultimately receiving the diagnosis of CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome) brought on by chronic mould exposure.

The truth is, there was so much more to my chronic health decline in my very early 20s. A history of genetic predispositions mixing with a western lifestyle had been brewing since I was a child. Even though I was conventionally 'healthy and fit,' I was contending with environmental toxins, disordered eating, excessive stress and an inflammatory diet. 


After regaining my full health and vitality, I developed The Root Cause Roadmap to help other women heal from "mystery" chronic symptoms. I've now used this one-of-a-kind roadmap to help countless women (and men!) heal from a variety of root causes.

What Functional Medicine Tools Do I Use?

I am trained in a multitude of highly effective testing and therapy methods for an extremely wide range of health issues, diseases and impaired function. I have helped hundreds of patients to heal using some of the following methods as a chronic illness nutritionist.


My goal is not to become a 'specialist,' but rather to truly understand the body and the wide range of tools we have at our disposal to help bring it back into balance. 

DNA Testing & Therapy

My History With DNA Testing

I became interested in using DNA wellness profiling on patients in university. I was first sceptical because I am a big believe that environment trumps genes every day of the week. But, after beginning to use DNA testing in my Brisbane Based Clinical Nutrition Practice, I began to see how accurate and important the data was. I was able to support patients based upon their GENETIC code. Essentially aligning  their environment with their genes to provide incredible health outcomes for things such as autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, gut health issues and so much more. 

Why I Started Testing Clients Hair Tissue As A Primary Tool To Uncover Root Causes of Fatigue, Weight Gain & Much more.

As soon as I first utilised Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with a client, I was hooked. The data you get from such an affordable test (falling just over $200 AUD), is unbelievable. We can see heavy metal burden, mineral imbalances and get a deep insight into the functionality of your thyroid and adrenal systems. More importantly, the test allows for the use of mineral replacement therapy to detoxify from nasty heavy metals and to rebalance and support the thyroid and adrenal glands. 

HTMA & Mineral Therapy

Gut Microbiome Mapping & Probiotics

Why I Test The Gut Microbiome In my Practice

Your gut microbiome is very misunderstood. Probiotic and prebiotic therapies are prescribed like candy these days with very few results. Why? Your gut microbiome is reacting to it's environment. So, rather than simply testing and replacing, I look deeper. I use gut microbiome testing to show us what your gut environment is like, and the we work on altering that. For example, leaky gut or low stomach acid both affect the microbiome massively. Addressing these deeper causes is key to lasting microbial change and benefit. 

Why I Use Vagus Nerve Stimulation In My Practice

As a clinical nutritionist, I studied a wide range of physiology and pathophysiology throughout my Health Science degree. One thing that really stuck out for me was the absolute importance of the nervous system. At first, I really struggled to see people make changes. 'Meditate' and 'Stress Less' were are far as general prescriptions went. After doing a specialist corse in both Biomechanics, and then Trans Vagal Nerve Manipulation and Stimulation, I finally cracked the code to make a REAL difference to peoples distressed and imbalanced nervous systems. 

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy

What Does An Example Protocol With Keriann Look Like?

Below is just an example of a treatment plan with Keriann, utilising some of the tools above and her expertise in the functionality of the human body and Clinical Nutrition. 

01. Initial

The Initial Session is for identifying the main systems that are suffering and exploring some potential causes.

02. Testing

After figuring out what we don't know, we begin utilising advance functional tests to find out what we don't know.

03. Therapy

 We can now dive into various therapies. For example: mineral replacement, detoxification or vagus stimulation.

04. Support

It's true that some people feel worse before they feel better. Ongoing support is a major part of our practice. 

05. Change

Longterm change is paramount. A deep education on your body and a supported nervous system leads to long-term change.

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