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Leptin Resistance - The Hidden Cause of Your Weight Gain?

I cannot talk about leptin without mentioning Jack Kruse. Much of the following information stems from his teaching. Some people still see leptin as a hunger hormone that sits alongside ghrelin to keep huger and satiation in check. Some hail leptin the "Master Hormone", as it plays a pivotal role in our body's energy metabolism. But what exactly is it and what is it's significance and why should we care about it? I'm sure you have met that person that just eats when they're hungry, ever obsesses about food and keeps weight off in an immaculate fashion. They're alway energetic and they sleep like a baby. Sounds like you? Yeah me neither. However, since focusing on letpin in myself and my practice, I have untapped the wonderful ability to transform people into more of that picture above. By optimising leptin, the bodies energy production factory begins to favour, well, energy production. In many of us, the body favours energy storage which manifests as low energy (cannot use that precious fuel) and fat storage (need more of that precious fuel). The Crucial Role of Leptin:

  1. The Dominance of Leptin: Leptin is not just any hormone; it's responsible for overseeing our energy metabolism. In fact, its reach extends to controlling other hormones in the body. Hence, if leptin isn't functioning optimally, other hormones might also be at risk, leading to various clinical problems.

  2. Leptin and the Thyroid Connection: Many misinterpret their health issues as thyroid problems, overlooking the possibility of leptin resistance. This resistance emerges when our brain fails to recognise signals from fat cells. Leptin resistance can hamper thyroid function, affecting our basal metabolic rate and our body's ability to burn fat.

  3. Leptin's Brain Signallingor: Our brain constantly assesses the energy status of the trillions of cells in our body. Instead of connecting to every cell, it relies on the endocrine system, where leptin plays a starring role. Produced by white fat cells, leptin also finds its roots in breastfeeding, emphasising the importance of early-life nutrition. In fact, missing out on leptin during breastfeeding can have implications on one’s DNA through methylation processes, potentially leading to obesity in subsequent generations.

  4. Leptin's Brain Signaling: Leptin's journey to the brain involves intricate signaling within the hypothalamus. This tiny yet crucial part of the brain connects to our entire endocrine system and many significant brain centers. Leptin acts as a bridge between our fat cells and the brain, determining energy and information flow. Any resistance to leptin can disrupt this vital connection, causing energy imbalances in the body.

  5. Leptin’s Organ Interactions: Organs demanding high energy, like bones, are deeply intertwined with leptin. Leptin resistance can be a precursor to conditions such as osteoporosis. Moreover, leptin is instrumental in fertility, with its disruption causing complications in conceiving.

  6. Leptin and Immunity: Beyond energy, leptin modulates the brain's immune system. Elevated leptin levels often correlate with high white blood cell counts and inflammation, especially around visceral fat. In fact, high leptin levels can be precursors to various conditions like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and even certain autoimmune diseases.

The Misunderstood World of Obesity: Obesity is now understood as an inflammatory disease, and it's not merely about excessive calorie consumption. If leptin functions correctly, our body can manage calorie excess without weight gain. This inflammatory condition is deeply rooted in hormone disruptions, especially concerning leptin. Elevated inflammation levels can be indicators of potential issues like degenerative disc disease and osteoporosis, especially if leptin issues persist. The Takeaway: Leptin resistance is the silent precursor to insulin resistance. When both persist, they lead to adrenal resistance and subsequently, cortisol problems. Chronic elevations in insulin and cortisol are pathways to chronic diseases, including cancer. It all starts with leptin. Understanding leptin's significance can potentially change our approach to several health issues, placing it at the forefront of medical research and discussions. It's clear that leptin is not just another hormone; it's a cornerstone of our overall well-being. Addressing leptin issues can be the first step towards holistic health.


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