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The 4 Week Hormone Harmony Program

This program not only delves deep into the science of circadian rhythms and hormonal balance but also provides you with practical, evidence-based strategies to align your daily routine, diet, and lifestyle with your body's natural cycles. Across four informative weeks, you'll gain profound insights into optimising your hormones for better health, mood, and body composition.

Are you tired of searching for solutions to your chronic symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, hormone imbalances & bloating, with no success?

Does This Sound Familiar? 

😤 Frustrated with countless diets and supplements that promise relief but never deliver, even when they seem to work wonders for others.

😮‍💨 Exhausted from seeking answers online because medical professionals dismiss your concerns, labelling you as overreactive or imagining your symptoms

😥 Feeling trapped in a relentless cycle of tackling symptom after symptom, without making any genuine headway or discovering the root cause.

🙄 Irritated that your ongoing symptoms are not only draining your energy but also consuming valuable time and financial resources that could be better spent on what truly matters in your life.

Yet you're STILL struggling with mystery symptoms like...

Fatigue. Constipation. Bloating. Food Sensitivities. Thyroid Dysfunction. Autoimmunity. PCOS. Hormone Imbalances. Acne. Eczema. Insomnia. Low Libido. Joint Pain. Anxiety. Depression.

...and more.

What if I told you it didn't have to be this way forever?


🚫 Without extreme diets or restrictive nutrition protocols
🚫 Without spending hours seeking out specialized (and expensive) doctors for answers
🚫 Without constantly guessing which supplements are right for you (hello, supplement graveyard!)
🚫 And without having to feel CONFUSED and ALONE on your path to healing


The Hormone Harmony Program covers everything I use with my 1:1 clients to help them achieve amazing health transformations every day!

hormone balancing online program

You will receive INSTANT ACCESS to 8 Life-Changing Modules (2/week), 8 Root Cause Healing workbook + tools, 8 Interactive bi-weekly activities and multiple circadian & metabolism-supportive meal plans so you can hit the ground running on your healing journey!

hormonal weightloss before and after

The "Why" Behind This Course

As a dedicated clinical practitioner who has worked extensively with clients facing a myriad of chronic health issues, I've come to a profound realisation. The crux of healing often doesn't lie in expensive treatments or endless supplements.


Instead, it's about realigning our lives with our natural biological rhythms – our circadian rhythm and hormonal cycle – and restoring our bodies to a state of homeostasis.

Why I Created This Course:

Personal Experience with Circadian Health: In my practice, a significant portion of my work with one-on-one clients involves scheduling their life around their circadian rhythm and menstrual cycle. This approach has consistently proven effective in bringing bodies back into balance.

The Cost of Health Mismanagement: I've seen clients spend fortunes on practitioners and supplements, often prematurely. There's a substantial amount of groundwork necessary to even ascertain where your body truly stands health-wise.

Natural Healing Focus: This course is designed to guide you back to your body's natural rhythm and balance, enabling natural healing processes. It's about empowering you to achieve health and well-being without further financial investment in supplements or chasing after health 'gurus'.

Hormone Harmony Program
is for you if...

😫 Frustrated with health professionals dismissing your concerns, saying you're fine when you can feel something isn't right in your body and mind.

😵‍💫 Feeling lost about how to begin your journey towards root cause healing and seeking clear, straightforward guidance from a seasoned expert in the field.

🤒 Battling a range of elusive symptoms such as digestive issues, skin conditions, hormonal imbalances, IBS, mood disorders, persistent tiredness, Lyme disease, or thyroid problems, and longing for more than just temporary fixes.

👭 Eager to connect with a supportive community of individuals who are all embarking on their own paths to uncover the real causes of their health issues and reclaim lasting health and wellness.

Imagine This:
You have REAL answers regarding the root causes inflicting stress on your body.

You have a
concrete plan for navigating your root cause healing journey with circadian based nutrition, hormonally balancing light protocols, & detox support.


Finally Get On Top Of Your Hormones & Health!

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