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Hormone Harmony Program

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Unlock the secrets of circadian health with our comprehensive course, 'Hormone Harmony Program.' This program not only delves deep into the science of circadian rhythms and hormonal balance but also provides you with practical, evidence-based strategies to align your daily routine, diet, and lifestyle with your body's natural cycles. Across four informative weeks, you'll gain profound insights into optimising your hormones for better health, mood, and body composition. Course Highlights: 8 Incredible Handouts: Receive a wealth of resources including workbooks, detailed meal plans, and informative guides to support your learning journey. Weekly Practical Activities: Engage in two hands-on activities each week, some of which are based on the handouts provided, to apply what you've learned in real-life scenarios. Bi-Weekly Sessions Over 4 Weeks: The course is structured into two sessions per week, covering essential topics in circadian health and hormone balancing: Week 1: Laying the Foundations of Circadian Health Week 2: Nutrient Timing for Hormonal Balance Week 3: Optimising Light & Meal Timing Week 4: Establishing a Bowel Routine and Reinforcing Sleep Patterns

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Hormone Harmony Program

Hormone Harmony Program

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