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How It Heals

Get to the bottom of why you're not healing and bring your body back into balance with Clinical Nutrition & Functional Medicine both in Brisbane and online.

Fruits and Nuts

How It Feels

IBS, Depression, autoimmunity,  joint pain, insomnia, food sensitivities, bloating, nausea/low appetite, inflammation, PCOS, MCAS, acne, anxiety, chronic fatigue, fertility issues, endometriosis, depression, low thyroid function

How It Heals

Functional testing, functional nutrition, root cause medicine, personalised protocols, lifestyle interventions, nervous system and vagus nerve support, targeted nutrition, therapeutic supplementation, detoxification support, being heard. 


Clinical Nutrition is much more than just food. Yes, we look at diet, but we also look deeply into medical and health history, lifestyle, functional testing, your nervous system and much more. We prescribe TGA approved therapeutic supplementation, dietary and lifestyle changes. We believe that your body is more than capable of healing once we identify what is in the way, remove it, and give your body the extra support that it needs.

Functional Testing Brisbane

Functional Testing & Analytics

Unlike traditional diagnostics, our cutting-edge functional testing delves deep into your body's intricacies, revealing hidden imbalances and providing personalised insights. From DUTCH hormone panels to gut microbiome mapping, DNA testing and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, our functional tests empower you to take control of your well-being.

Clinical Nutrition Case Taking Brisbane

In-Depth Case Taking

Our meticulous case-taking service goes beyond the surface to grasp the nuances of your health journey. By looking into your medical history and past experiences, we unearth invaluable insights that guide precise, tailored care. Understanding your unique story is the first step to achieving lasting well-being. If you're ready to tell your entire story, and feel truly heard, now is the time.

Advanced Supplement Protocols Brisbane

Therapeutic Supplementation

We use the most recent research and years of training to provide you with life-changing supplementation protocols. Backed by rigorous quality standards (TGA), supplements are selected, based on our case taking and findings, to target specific biochemical pathways and enhance your health. We also provide a wholesale discount.

Keriann Zipperer Clinical Nutritionist

Meet Our Lead Clinical Nutritionist

Our East Brisbane Based team at How It Heals is dedicated to helping you optimise your health and well-being using a combination of root cause treatments, holistic protocols, and functional testing. We are passionate about empowering our clients to take control of their health and live their best lives. 

How It Heals - The A-Z Process

Step 1

The Initial Consultation
90 Minutes


The aim of this initial clinical nutrition consultation is to get a firm foundation of your current health and history. We will begin to uncover the story of 'you,' and what factors both historically and currently impact your health. You will be sent home with an initial prescription to grab any 'low hanging fruits.' These are things we identify as having a direct impact on your health that we can begin to modulate right away. In the background, we are already beginning to string together an advanced protocol that tackles each and every layer. 

Step 2

The Follow Up Consults
60 Minutes

The follow up consultations are about building on our foundation. We continually audit your history, any testing and current lifestyle/diet patterns for clues. We will gradually layer our plan as we uncover more of the story, adding or altering dietary, supplement and functional testing protocols at a systematic and achievable pace. We will continue measuring progress and we pivot as we need. The most common time frame for follow up sessions is once every 3 weeks. Severe cases may require weekly or fortnightly appointments.    


Step 3

The Protocol & The Progress

Throughout the journey, you'll be given plenty of things to implement into your life. I like to do this at an achievable pace for you, gradually swapping habits that no longer serve you for functional ones, and fine-tuning your fundamental knowledge-base around what it means to be truly healthy. Each and every protocol is vastly different and incredibly tailored to you as an individual. We do not follow one specific diet or protocol as we believe this causes tunnel vision. 

Fresh Fruit

When To See A Clinical Nutritionist:


When You Have Symptoms With No Answers


When You Want Enough Time To Talk & Be Listened To

Are you dealing with 'mystery symptoms'? Things like unexplained bloating, weight gain, nausea, fatigue, skin issues, thyroid issues, digestive issues, heart burn or hormonal irregularities? You need to see a Clinical Nutritionist who can look at the underlying connections and find the root cause of your symptoms. 


When You Don't Want to Treat Everything With a Pill

Most of the time, health issues are a result of our lifestyle and diet. We are exposed to so many toxins in our day to day life, and yet practitioners are much more likely to provide pills before they address things such as toxin exposure. You may have a food intolerance that causes reflux, but a practitioner is much more likely to treat you for 'heartburn' with a pill. If you're ready to solve the real problem, a Clinical Nutritionist is your go-to.

Do you feel like you've never truly had a chance to tell a practitioner everything that has been going on in enough detail? Do you feel like you can always go through 1 or 2 things before they begin treating your symptoms? If you want to be given enough time to dig deep into why your body is not healing - a Clinical Nutritionist is for you. 


When You're sick of Seeing a Specialists for Every Symptom. 

You have kidney troubles, see a kidney specialist. You have autoimmune issues, there's a specialist for that. You have chronic inflammation and pain - another specialist. Not only is this very expensive and time consuming, it is separating many different symptoms that are all connected. Looking at all of your symptoms together tells us a lot about what is causing the health issues and how to truly fix them. 

Hormone Balance Online Course
Hormone Harmony Program. (1).png

Balance Your Hormones With My 4 Week Online Course!

Or, Start With A 3-Step Hormone Balancing E-book

hormone balancing ebook Brisbane

Expertly crafted, this short guide illuminates the path to achieving hormonal harmony through the natural power of circadian rhythms. Discover three pivotal steps to balance your hormones, enhance your energy, and nurture your overall well-being. Whether you're battling hormonal imbalances, seeking to boost your vitality, or simply aiming for optimal health, this eBook is your key to a revitalised, harmonious life.

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